Food Waste Recycling Made Easy

The bokashi bucket is a practical and convenient way for collecting all your organic food waste accumulated in your home kitchen. This unique form of green recycling uses Bokashi Bran to create the ideal conditions for airtight (anaerobic) composting. The combination of the bokashi bucket and Bokashi Bran are designed to eliminate the odours and unpleasantness associated with putrefaction and decay which is usually the result of traditional composting.


R645.00 including VAT and delivery

Your kit will include:
2 x 25 litre airtight buckets with a tap and straining tray
2 x 1kg bags of Bokashi Bran (enough bokashi to fill almost 3 buckets)
1 x measuring scoop

Delivery to your South African address

Maintaining the System:

Depending on your food waste, most households use 1 bag of Bokashi Bran every 1½ months. A bag of Bokashi Bran costs R85.00 including VAT, (delivery excluded) which works out at less than R2.00 per day, depending on the amount of organic waste your household accumulates through daily food preparation. Replacement bags of Bokashi Bran can be ordered from the online shop.


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You Can Recycle All Food Waste From Domestic Kitchens In Your Bokashi Bucket Including: