Bokashi Bran® food waste system for corporates

Simple process to follow in commercial kitchens with large volumes of food waste

Benefits of the Bokashi Bran® food waste management system

Reduce waste collection costs


Environmental stewardship: Food waste is one of the largest contributing factors to global warming. Are you disposing of your food waste in a responsible, eco-friendly manner?
Reduce food waste: By separating food waste, it brings the focus on where unnecessary wastage is occurring. This translates into cost saving.
Zero food waste to landfill : reduces your landfill waste by up to 40%
Reduce waste collection costs: eliminate compactors and reduce the number of skip and wheelie bin lifts.



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Our secret

The secret’s in the training: Bokashi Bran diverts over 80 tonnes of food waste per month from commercial kitchens.

Silverstar, Gold Reef City, Suncoast and Carousel Casinos are some of our larger sites.

13 restaurants in the Silverstar Casino complex have been on the system for 3 years. They still separate food waste from other waste streams. This is a result of management embracing the system. They have a zero tolerance for non-conformance to their strict environmental policy.

We are dedicated to simple, effective training that makes sense.