Mail & Guardian Greening Award 2018 – First place

What an honour to be awarded the winner in the Waste and Chemical Management category. Our team at Bokashi Bran® work hard to establish an excellent reputation for the highest quality bokashi with exceptional service. Our bokashi is the only bokashi in South Africa to be manufactured using the original technology from EMRO® Japan – the developers of bokashi. Bokashi  Bran® is inoculated with EM® under strict temperature and quality controls.

2020 – Finalist

Once again,  the Mail & Guardian Greening Award for 2020 acknowledged Bokashi Bran® as a finalist. The more people who know about bokashi and its benefits, the better for the environment. Food waste that gets mixed with general waste ends up on a landfill site. This is where the most environmental damage occurs. In fact, food waste at landfill is considered to be the 3rd largest contributor to global warming. Food waste that is composted instead of landfilled,  saves 98% in greenhouse gas emissions.

It is such a simple process to sprinkle bokashi onto food waste in a sealed bucket and then add to garden waste to make compost. Bokashi stops food waste from rotting. It helps to speed up the compost process and adds valuable nutrients back into the soil.

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