Small Commercial Kitchens Including:

If you own a small commercial kitchen, then the composting tumbler is essential for your business. You will be able to convert your food waste and garden waste into compost within 4 weeks. The system is easy to use and, once the system is in operation, fresh compost will come out every 2 weeks. No more added expense of food waste removal, garden refuse removal or compost.

With the new Bokashi Bran compost tumbler, you can convert your bokashi food waste into nutrient-rich compost for your gardens in just 4 weeks. Don’t pay for your garden waste to be taken off to a compost site and your food waste to be collected. Use these valuable by-products for your own garden and see the amazing results that Bokashi Bran will bring to your garden.

Reference From A Bokashi User… (Hasn’t Moved On To The Compost Tumbler Yet ?)

We have a small boutique restaurant and 8 self-catering chalets at Honeywood, and we have been using Bokashi to treat all the organic waste on the property now for nearly 2 years. All the waste (including meat, fish, bones, vegies etc.) is collected into the 100l plastic drums daily and sprinkled with Bokashi. We store the drum layered with waste and Bokashi for 2 weeks and then empty it into a compost bin and cover with garden waste.

After 6 months we get the most incredible compost from the bin to use on our gardens. The best about the whole process is the huge reduction in flies, no decomposing food smell at our refuse bins, and then of course the great compost to use in our gardens.

Thank you for a great product that has solved a nasty problem of treating food waste.

Sharon, Honeywood and The Cellar