1000 x 700 x 900cm

Technical requirements

  • 3-phase electrical supply

How does it work?

WasteStation macerates and dewaters food waste emptying the shredded food waste into a container for further processing.

How much can you save?

It will reduce the food waste volume by up to 80% while also reducing the weight by 60%. This means reducing transport and waste removal costs.

The WasteStation is eco-friendly in that it has low operating energy costs, prepares the food waste for organic composting and reduces the carbon footprint of transporting food waste to a landfill.

Food waste treated with bokashi

Food waste that has been passed through the WasteStation is then treated with bokashi to stop odours or attracting flies.

WasteStation will process 700kgs of food waste per hour. It’s ideal for large hotels, shopping centres, hospitals, prisons, large corporates and universities.


Our team will demonstrate and train staff to use the machine, and then we will train your garden staff to make organic compost or we’ll collect the food waste for onward processing.

Optional extra:

  • cutlery magnet to ensure cutlery doesn’t enter the machine.

These machines are imported from UK so there is a delivery delay time of 4 weeks.