Bokashi buckets are a convenient method of collecting food scraps and treating with bokashi. It’s a 25 litre bucket that has a straining tray and tap. The straining tray separates the solid food waste from the liquid that drains off the food. Keep a bowl on the counter to collect food scraps while preparing meals. This also ensures that the bokashi buckets are not opened too frequently which inhibits the fermentation process.

Liquid or bokashi tea will accumulate in the bottom of the bokashi buckets. The higher the water content of the food, the more bokashi tea you will get. Balance the bokashi bucket on top of another bucket with the tap open and drain the liquid. This is a highly concentrated organic plant food. Dilute well before feeding to your plants. 1:300 dilution.

Bokashi is brewed with effective microorganisms including yeast, lactic acid bacteria and phototropic microbes. These microbes firstly ferment food waste stopping odors in their tracks and then assist with the combining of nitrogen and carbon in the compost cycle.

The bokashi system is really good for the planet. By composting food waste; instead of landfilling, you will be saving 98% in greenhouse gas emissions.

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