The bokashi digester buckets are made from recycled plastic. They have tamper-proof lids to ensure no oxygen gets into the bucket while fermenting. A bokashi digester bucket has a straining tray and a tap.

Straining tray

The straining tray separates the liquids from the solids when food waste is added to the bucket. The Bokashi Bran straining tray is a solid unit with no removable feet. The plastic we use is very strong and the straining tray will not collapse.


The taps we use are called water-butt taps. They are extremely durable. The tap is simple to install. Simply push the tap into the hole with one rubber washer on either side of the bucket to stop any leaking.

Purpose of the straining tray and tap

The liquid that forms in the bottom of the bucket is a rich, organic plant food. The higher the water content of the food waste that goes in, the more liquid will accumulate in the bottom of the bucket. The easiest way to tap off the liquid from the bokashi digester bucket is to balance it on top of another bucket and open the tap. Allow the liquid to drain out.

Feed your plants with bokashi tea

Dilute the bokashi liquid with water 1:300 and feed your vegetable garden and other plants at the base of the plant. It it preferable to not water on the leaves due to the high acidity of the bokashi liquid.

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