Super-charged Starter Kit (2 buckets, 2 bokashi, counter container + scoop)


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2 X 25 litre buckets with straining trays and taps. Highest quality with a money-back guarantee. (T&C apply)
Counter Container to collect food waste in your kitchen.
2 X 1 kg Bokashi Bran
Measuring Scoop (100ml)

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2 X 25 litre buckets with straining trays and taps
Counter Container to collect food scraps in the kitchen
2 X 1 kg Bokashi with resealable zip lock
Measuring Scoop (100ml)

If you are just starting out with the bokashi system, the super-charged starter kit is everything you’ll need. The system is easy to implement in your kitchen and a simple process for the whole family to follow.

Keep a bowl on the counter to gather food scraps during the day. The counter container in your kit is well labelled to help train the family. Always keep the lid closed otherwise flies will lay eggs and you’ll have maggots in your bokashi bin.

Each evening, when you’re tidying up, empty the counter container with food scraps into the black bucket.

Sprinkle a scoop or two of bokashi over the food waste. If you have meat products added to the bucket, it is recommended that you give it a generous sprinkling of bokashi to ensure you don’t have bad smells. The bokashi will ferment the food waste and eliminate bad bacteria that causes the smells.

Keep that bucket sealed properly as well.

The reason there are 2 buckets is that you’ll get into a rotation system of one bucket filling, while the other ferments and waits to go into the compost pile.

Make sure you’re gathering garden waste in a compost pile to process your bokashi-treated food waste into compost. For every bucket of food waste, allow at least 4 buckets of garden waste. Composting is the process of combining brown garden waste (carbon) and green waste (nitrogen). With the bokashi system, you’ll have fresh compost every 7 to 10 weeks, depending on how hot it is.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 52 × 35 × 36 cm

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  1. jules.louwrens

    Everything you need to get started! We even like buying these as gifts for family who are keen to get into recycling their food waste. Quality of the products is really great, the strategically placed labels are very helpful and make the whole process of learning how to compost nice and easy. Our parcel arrived very quickly and was well packaged. We even received follow up emails to see if we were satisfied with our purchase and it included helpful links and video tutorials, which we thought made for stellar service.

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