Shop Bokashi online directly from the manufacturer. Implement the Bokashi Bran® system for recycling food waste in any home or commercial kitchen. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
All you need is a bokashi bucket (sold in various starter kit options) bokashi and compost bin or compost heap. It’s really that simple to help reduce your impact on the environment and be sustainable.

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    800mm x 800mm zintex steel compost bin Needs about a cubed metre of space. Excellent system for composting in your back garden. Interlocking panels that can be re-built when turning compost. The top of the compost bin becomes the bottom of the bin when you turn the compost. That way you can use the compost from the bottom that is ready to go back into your garden. Download the Bokashi Bran compost bins brochure for more information. This is a neat system for gathering your garden waste so that you can make healthy, organic compost with your bokashi-treated food waste. It's simple to assemble and makes turning the compost a breeze.    
  • 2 X 25 litre buckets with straining trays and taps. Highest quality with a money-back guarantee. (T&C apply) Counter Container to collect food waste in your kitchen. 2 X 1 kg Bokashi Bran Measuring Scoop (100ml)
  • 2 Buckets It is necessary to have a minimum of 2 buckets for the bokashi process. Fermentation takes two weeks after the bucket is full. During this time, you will begin using your second bucket. The two buckets will then be in rotation of filling and fermenting. 2 x 1kg bags of Bokashi Bran Each bag will treat about 1½ buckets of food waste. Sprinkle a scoop of Bokashi Bran over every 7 to 10cm layer of food waste. Measuring scoop 100ml measuring scoop for sprinkling Bokashi Bran over the food waste to stop it from rotting. 12-month Warrantee 12-month warrantee on the bucket, tap and straining tray. The taps are exceptional high quality that are easy to install into your bucket. The straining trays have solid 'feet' to ensure they don't collapse after a few months. T's & C's  apply.  
  • 25 litre bucket with a straining tray and tap Counter Container to collect food waste 1 kg Bokashi Measuring Scoop (100ml)
  • Bucket + 3kg Bokashi

    25 litre Bokashi bucket with straining tray and tap 3kg Bokashi Bran
  • 1kg Bokashi Bran Counter container to collect your kitchen scraps Straining tray to fit a 20 or 25 litre bucket Tap Measuring scoop
  • 3kg Bokashi Bran Counter container to collect your kitchen scraps
  • Size: 1200 x 1200 x 60 (height of 2 tiers) Made from recycled plastic. This compost box is durable and environmentally sustainable. It comes in a kit form where you will need two people to assemble. Using a power drill, screw the corner support poles together until you complete the box. Making compost in your back garden is easy. Fill your box with garden waste and bokashi-treated food waste. When you're ready to turn the compost, simply lift the top section off and make it the bottom section. Simple, quick and tidy.  
  • Unit price R69.16 each Ingredients: Bran, purified water, molasses, EM® Highest quality bokashi manufactured under strict quality control. Our bokashi takes 4 months to manufacture. We use the original technology from EMRO Japan; the founders of bokashi. Our microbes are all local South African microbes but we use Japanese technology.
  • Bulk Bokashi Bran orders

    Bulk Bokashi Bran orders will qualify for discounted pricing: 1 - 4 bags: R520 per bag (R65 / kg) 5 - 10 bags: R373.75 per bag (R46.72 / kg) 11+ bags: R356.50 per bag (R44.56 / kg) Prices exclude delivery. For orders of 5 or more bags, please email Bronwyn directly at bron@bokashibran.co.za Bokashi Bran® is a registered trademark. It signifies that this is the authentic bokashi using the original EM® technology from Japan. Our microbes are all local South African microbes. We use Japanese technology under licence. Our bokashi is manufactured under strict temperature and time conditions. Perfection cannot be rushed.

    Application of bulk bokashi

    In a restaurant kitchen, food waste must be layered with bokashi. For every 7cm of food waste, there must be a 300ml application of bokashi. If food waste is not treated sufficiently, it will rot and smell and attract flies. Remember to keep the drums sealed at all times when not in use. Ensure that the drums are not contaminated with plastic, tin or glass.  
  • Highest quality bokashi manufactured under strict quality control. Our 6 x 1kg bokashi is more economical than buying the 3kg bokashi because of the shipping costs. These 3kg bags can only be shipped to your local Clicks store. We'll contact you with detailed courier plans.
  • Highest quality bokashi manufactured under strict quality control. Buy 6 x 1kg bokashi for a more economical shipping rate. Bokashi gets better with age - no shelf life to expire. Delivered to your nearest Clicks using Pargo courier services.
  • If you wish to make your own bucket and attach your own tap to a bucket, you can order the straining tray separately. Highest quality with solid feet that won't collapse.  
  • If you wish to make your own bucket and attach your own tap to a bucket, you can order the straining tray and tap separately. Excellent quality tap with double washer plus back nut.

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