Super-charged Starter Kit (2 buckets, 2 bokashi, counter container + scoop)

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Get everything you need to start composting with our Bokashi Bran® Super-charged Starter Kit! It includes 2 high-quality 25 litre buckets with straining trays and taps, a counter container for collecting food scraps, 2 x 1kg Bokashi Bran®, and a measuring scoop. Our product is backed by a money-back guarantee (T&C apply), ensuring you get the best quality and value for your money. Start composting today and reduce your environmental impact!


The Bokashi Super-charged Starter Kit is the perfect way to get started with the bokashi system. It includes everything you need to collect and ferment food waste in your kitchen, and turn it into nutrient-rich compost for your garden.


The kit comes with two 25-litre buckets, each with a straining tray and tap for easy draining. The buckets are made from high-quality, durable materials and are designed to last for years. The straining trays make it easy to separate the fermented food waste from the bokashi liquid, which can be used as a powerful plant food for your plants.


In addition to the buckets, the kit also includes two 1 kg bags of Bokashi Bran® – the authentic bokashi using the original EM® technology from Japan. The Bokashi Bran® is made from bran, purified water, molasses, and EM® and is manufactured under strict temperature and time conditions to ensure the highest quality. The new packaging is completely compostable and recyclable.


To help you measure the right amount of Bokashi Bran® to use, the kit also includes a measuring scoop (100ml). This will ensure that you are using the correct amount of Bokashi Bran® for the amount of food waste you are fermenting.


The counter container is the perfect size to sit on your kitchen counter, making it easy to collect food scraps throughout the day. The container is well-labelled to help train the whole family to use the bokashi system correctly. It is important to keep the lid closed to prevent flies from laying eggs and causing maggots in your bokashi bin.


Using the bokashi system is simple. Each evening, empty the food scraps from the counter container into the black bucket. Sprinkle a scoop or two of Bokashi Bran® over the food waste, making sure to give a generous sprinkle if you have meat products added. Seal the bucket properly to allow the fermentation process to begin.


With two buckets in the kit, you can rotate between the two, allowing one to fill while the other ferments and waits to be added to the compost pile. For every bucket of food waste, allow at least four buckets of garden waste in your compost pile. Composting is the process of combining brown garden waste (carbon) and green waste (nitrogen). With the bokashi system, you’ll have fresh compost every 7 to 10 weeks, depending on how hot it is.


Overall, the Super-charged Starter Kit is the perfect way to get started with the bokashi system. It is easy to use, environmentally friendly, and will help you turn your food waste into nutrient-rich compost for your garden.

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1 review for Super-charged Starter Kit (2 buckets, 2 bokashi, counter container + scoop)

  1. jules.louwrens

    Everything you need to get started! We even like buying these as gifts for family who are keen to get into recycling their food waste. Quality of the products is really great, the strategically placed labels are very helpful and make the whole process of learning how to compost nice and easy. Our parcel arrived very quickly and was well packaged. We even received follow up emails to see if we were satisfied with our purchase and it included helpful links and video tutorials, which we thought made for stellar service.

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