If you have space in your garden and your soil needs nourishment, dig a trench about a spade deep by about a meter long.

Bury the contents of your bucket covering it completely with soil. Within 7 to 10 weeks, the food waste will have decomposed and added nutrients back into the soil. The food waste decomposes quicker in the summer months. You can plant directly on top of the area where you buried the food waste after 2 weeks. If you want to use the soil elsewhere in your garden, mix any food waste that hasn’t decomposed completely after about 5 weeks. This turning of the soil will just speed up the process. If you have dogs, cover the area for a couple of weeks with chicken mesh wire so that the dogs can’t dig up the food waste.

Trenching around your plants about 15cm deep will attract earthworms to your soil. If you have an established garden, you can dig mini trenches between the plants and bury your food waste. Above is a picture of mini trenching showing seedlings with small rows of food waste around them. The food waste will be covered with soil and within 5 to 7 weeks, it will have decomposed and there will be healthy soil supporting the worm life. Use a small hand spade and “spoon” the food waste into the trenches.Cover the mini trenches with soil.

The worms love it!