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Whether in your home kitchen or a large commercial kitchen,
throw food waste into the bokashi bin for treating and composting

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Seperate food waste at source

Bokashi Bran


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Recycling of Food waste
cuts green house gas emmissions
by 98%

Bokashi is a highly effective product developed in Japan, where landfills are scarce. It provides an easy solution for recycling food waste at home. Bokashi’s active ingredient, EM® (effective microorganisms), is made up of three essential microbes: yeast, lactic acid bacteria, and phototrophic bacteria.

With Bokashi, food waste can be efficiently composted without any bad odour. The active ingredient breaks down the organic waste and ferments it, making it easier to reuse in gardening or farming. It is a sustainable alternative to traditional methods of waste disposal, and its popularity is growing worldwide.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly and hassle-free way to recycle food waste, Bokashi is the perfect solution for you. Its unique composition of microorganisms provides a simple and effective method to reduce waste and create nutrient-rich soil.

Why take our word for it when you can see the results for yourself? Put Authentic Bokashi Bran® to the test and witness the amazing compost you can create with this innovative product.

With Authentic Bokashi Bran®, you can transform your food waste into nutrient-rich compost that is perfect for your garden. The beneficial microbes in the bokashi break down the waste and create a healthy environment for plants to thrive.

Don’t settle for traditional composting methods that can take months to yield results. With Authentic Bokashi Bran®, you can see the difference in just a matter of weeks. Try it out for yourself and experience the amazing benefits of natural, odour-free composting.

The world needs change, and it starts with you.