All systems begin with separating food waste at source in 50 litre drums.

Up to 4 tonnes/month
Bucket system

Food waste is treated with Bokashi
Every 7cm of food waste, a sprinkle of Bokashi is added.
8kg Bokashi/tonne of food waste

5 – 20 tonnes / month
Macerate and dewater

Food waste is macerised and dewatered
This reduces the volume by 70%
Macerated food waste is treated with Bokashi
6kg bokashi / tonne of food waste

25+ tonnes / month
macerate and dewater Batch processing

Food waste is treated with Bokashi
Every 7cm of food waste, a sprinkle of Bokashi is added.
6kg Bokashi/tonne of food waste

Bokashi Bran Food Waste Management System

The Bokashi Bran® system has been approved by the Johannesburg Environmental Health department for use in commercial kitchens.

The key success factor to implementing the Bokashi system in your business is your commitment, as the owner / manager, to ensure food waste separation at source.

We train kitchen staff and waitrons to separate wet and dry waste. Wet waste into the specially labeled blue 50 litre drums and the dry waste into the black kitchen bins.

The food waste is then processed through the macerating machine where it is macerated and dewatered into fine particles. This is then treated with Bokashi Bran® to stop the food waste from rotting and causing unpleasant odours.

The food waste is then collected to be taken to a commercial composting facility for processing or composted on-site.

Keep Out!

What Can Go Wrong? PEOPLE!

  • Poor management of the system.

  • Not following the guidelines set out.

  • Not enforcing wet and dry waste separation at source.

  • Feeding non-organic matter into the machine.

  • Not running the self-clean cycle as per the training.

Benefits For The Commercial Kitchen:

  • Bins cannot be used to “smuggle” items out of the kitchen.

  • Recycling of glass, tin, plastic and board become easy and mess-free.

  • The Bokashi Bran® system contributes to sound environmental stewardship.

  • It enhances the image of the organization as responsible and environmentally concerned.

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Macerating Machine Dimensions:

1000 x 700 x 900cm

Technical Requirements:

  • 15mm Hot and Cold water connection
  • Waste outlet
  • 3-phase electrical supply

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