Bokashi Bran

doggie do

Let’s be honest, mans best friend is wonderful until it comes to picking up doggie do. Those “landmines” on the lawn are not the part of being a dog owner that is most appealing. It is, however, a necessary chore whether you do it yourself or bribe your kids to do it. Have you ever considered the cost and environmental impact of picking up doggie do with a plastic bag and throwing it in a dustbin? The average plastic bag is around 55 cents; rather pricy for picking up one mound of dog poop. When that plastic bag goes into the dustbin, it ends up on a landfill site. The poop is compacted under other rubbish and adds to the methane gas at landfill.


Methane gas is 25 times more harmful than CO2e over a 100-year period and 84 times more harmful over a 20-year period. Landfill sites generate methane from rotting organic matter and are considered the 3rd largest factor to global warming.


A really easy way to deal with doggie poop in a completely eco-friendly way is to bokashi it. Dig a hole in the corner of your garden to collect the poop. When your pooch has done his business on the grass, scoop it up with the garden space and pop it into the hole. Sprinkle a small amount of bokashi over the poop. This will eliminate any odours or pathogens and speed up the decomposition or breaking down of the poo. You can keep adding poo to that hole and layer with bokashi as you add. So easy and a whole heap cheaper than the 55-cent plastic bag.


It is best to keep dog poo out of your compost pile, especially if you use your compost for vegetable gardening. Compost your bokashi-treated food waste with garden waste to create a sustainable, earth-friendly system of food waste recycling.

Visit to find out more about how you can recycle your food waste to compost to help you make this a truly eco-friendly 2021 and put you in good stead to make your home a cleaner and greener environment in the future.

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