Bokashi Bran

Sandton Convention Centre's Green Revolution: Tackling Food Waste with the Bokashi Bran Bucket System

The Sandton Convention Centre (“SCC”), located in Johannesburg, South Africa, has long been a symbol of excellence in hosting events, conferences, and exhibitions. It is also a symbol of environmental responsibility, thanks to, among other sustainability initiatives, its innovative approach to tackling food waste. One of the standout initiatives that has propelled the SCC toward a more sustainable future is the implementation of the Bokashi Bran bucket system, an innovative method for diverting food waste from landfill. At the heart of this success story are the dedicated kitchen staff and chefs who have embraced this sustainable initiative.


The SCC has harnessed the power of this system to divert tons of organic waste from landfills, ultimately reducing its carbon footprint and environmental impact. A crucial aspect of SCC’s success in reducing food waste lies in the commitment and enthusiasm of its kitchen staff. These unsung heroes play a pivotal role in the daily implementation of the Bokashi Bran bucket system. The chefs at the SCC are more than just culinary experts; they are also sustainability champions. They have embraced the Bokashi Bran bucket system as a way to transform food waste into a valuable resource.


This commitment to reducing food waste has yielded impressive results, with the SCC having diverted 100% of its food waste to landfills since January 2023, thereby reducing its overall environmental impact. This initiative not only benefits the SCC, but also serves as a shining example of sustainability in the hospitality industry. The SCC has successfully demonstrated that by engaging staff and chefs, and by embracing innovative solutions, it is easily possible to reduce food waste and move closer to a greener, more sustainable future.


In a world where environmental concerns are paramount, the Sandton Convention Centre’s journey to reduce food waste is an inspiration for businesses and organisations worldwide. Its story underscores the importance of collective action and innovation in the pursuit of a more sustainable planet.