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What’s the Big Green New Deal about Climate Change?

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No doubt you’ve noticed how the USA and their presidential election race has recently been at the forefront of global news networks, our own included. And you may have also heard rather a lot about the Green New Deal that Joe Biden and his Democratic party have been proposing for a while now.

The Green New Deal and Its Effect on South Africa

So, what have American politics got to do with us in South Africa? Quite a lot really, as what the superpower USA does, often impacts how other world leaders come together to tackle important issues that affect the world.

What to Know About the USA’s Green New Deal

With climate change especially, becoming more and more under the spotlight, the goal of the Green New Deal is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions to avoid the worst possible consequences of global warming on our planet. The United Nations and scientists have warned for some time now that rising global temperatures will create more intense heat waves, wildfires and droughts of which we can already see some evidence.

Now, while the Green New Deal is far more complex than just tackling global warming in the USA, the main take away for the rest of us, is that looking after our planet is of paramount importance and the sooner we all join the green revolution the better.

As our world leaders work hard at ironing out the big stuff, did you know that you, your family, your friends and your neighbours can actually all start today by making a great impact on reducing global warming in a very simple way?

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What You Can Do to Help the Earth?

Fact check: CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions created by food waste going to landfill is third from the top of the list when it comes to global warming. Who knew?

Just by the simple act of committing to recycling all your food waste responsibly, starting in your home kitchen, you CAN make a significant difference towards reducing environmentally damaging gas emissions. Yes really, we’re not making this up.

The Bokashi Bran food waste recycling to compost program is both low cost and an easy 1, 2, 3 solution to implement. All it takes is the will to commit, a little bit of practice and you will soon be on your way to assisting the healing of our earth. And, if you’re a keen gardener, Bokashi Bran nutrient-rich composting and bokashi organic tea fertiliser will revolutionise the way your plants, vegetables or herbs grow

GO Green with Bokashi Bran Today

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