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Every day we hear more and more about how important it is that we start taking care of our environment if we want our planet to enjoy a sustainable future. While the blame game always seems to be big news, solutions and advice on how we ordinary folk can actually make a difference appears to be in short supply.

For the most part, many of us tend to view things we do as stand-alone actions, not realising just how much everything we do makes a big impact on everything else and often has unforeseen consequences. Consider how the chemicals you use in your home impact negatively on the sewage system. Or how chemicals and the plastic you throw away returns to you in the water you drink. Small actions literally have major effects on our environment.

The most important step to making a real green difference is to start thinking of your life holistically and how all your actions are in fact related to one another. Even though it may not seem like it, implementing small changes in your everyday routine will start to create a positive impact on the entire system.

4 Tips on Saving the Envrionment

Here are four easy ways you can start helping our environment to become a healthier one. For more tips on being more environmentally conscious, visit our blog..

Tip #1: Cut Down on Plastic

Plastic waste littered everywhere has a massive negative impact on the environment. It strangles our oceans, clogs up stormwater drains causing flood damage during heavy rains and tons of it ends up at landfill taking untold years to break down, rather than being responsibly recycled.

  • Say no to plastic straws. Instead, invest in a metal, glass or bamboo reusable straw.
  • Support more fast food outlets that serve in recyclable containers and offer green utensils.
  • Make more use of reusable containers like Tupperware rather than resorting to cling wrap.
  • Buy products in glass or metal containers wherever possible – Coke in a can vs a buddy bottle.
  • Up-cycle plastic containers or bottles into seedling propagation pots or vertical gardens, make a watering container or scooper for gardening, make a nifty outdoor broom or find out how to support a local eco-brick making program.

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Tip #2: Use Green Products

We have pretty much been ‘trained’ to believe that all bacteria are a health hazard and need to be eliminated. Truth be told, every human body is literally walking bacteria whereby we have one human cell to ten bacteria cells! It is thus extremely important that the good bacteria in our bodies and our environment, designed to keep us healthy, is preserved and nurtured in order to fight off any bad bacteria.

  • Invest in natural and bio-degradable cleaners that help populate your home with good bacteria to compete with the bad and thus give you an ongoing cleaning benefit. The Simple Truth range found at Checkers is an easy way to get you started on this journey. Alternatively, a quick Google search will reveal wonderful ways to make your own more natural cleaning products, if you’re so inclined.
  • If you already use the Bokashi Bran food waste to compost system in your home, be sure to read our blog entry – “Bokashi Tea for Healthier Drains”
  • Go one step further and review the skincare products in your home. Try to go ‘paraben-free’ where possible as this family of preservatives not only disrupts hormone function in humans, but they harm the environment and wildlife when they enter the waterways.

Tip #3: Shop Sensibly

  • Support local shops. This not only cuts down on petrol use but supports local jobs and farmers.
  • Buy fresh and seasonal foods whenever possible which not only means even more support for local farmers, but you also won’t be eating a freeze-dried orange imported from Spain in December.
  • Support local farmers markets to source fresh organic foods, which positively impacts your health as it reduces your consumption of chemicals such as the herbicide glyphosate which has pretty horrendous consequences for both you and the environment.
  • Make a concerted effort to take your own reusable bags to the supermarket which stops you from using plastic.

Tip #4: Reduce Your Waste

Food waste at landfill is the third biggest contributor to global warming. The less food waste that ends up at landfill, the better. Recycling your food and other waste responsibly is a major step in becoming a champion for the environment.

– Start using the Bokashi Bran food waste to compost recycling system in your kitchen. This not only cuts down on food waste heading to landfills but is also a great way to put beneficial microbes back into the soil.
– Recycle paper, plastic, cans and glass whenever possible by finding out if there are dedicated recycling bins or programs for such in your area and making use of them.
– Rinse off and separate any recyclable waste, so hardworking waste pickers who wander landfills can find it more easily and make a little extra money in helping to make sure that more of your waste lands up in a recycling centre and not on the rubbish dump.

Reduce Your Kitchen Waste with Bokashi Bran® Today

Contact Bokashi Bran® to find out more about how you can start a kitchen food waste recycling to compost program today to help champion a cleaner environment.

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