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The Science Behind Composting: Why It’s the Best Thing You Can Do for the Planet

April 8, 2022 By Bokashi Bran

The average South African generates about 5.4 kgs. of general waste a day. That’s about 4.4 million tons of garbage each year, and it’s only going to increase as our…
Compost and climate change

Compost and climate change

April 17, 2021 By Bokashi Bran

Food waste that ends up on a landfill site is the third-largest contributing factor to climate change. Converting food waste into compost is an essential part of combatting climate change.…
doggie do

What to do with doggie do

January 8, 2021 By Bokashi Bran

Let’s be honest, mans best friend is wonderful until it comes to picking up doggie do. Those “landmines” on the lawn are not the part of being a dog owner…
container gardening for green vegetables by bokashi bran

Everything You Need to Know About Container Gardening

November 13, 2020 By Bokashi Bran

While most people appreciate the beauty that plants bring to a home, not everyone may have space or the patience to become a master gardener but almost anyone can appreciate…
A variety of vegetables in a cart

How to Reduce Your Food Waste

October 8, 2020 By Bokashi Bran

More food than you could possibly imagine ends up as waste in household kitchens each year. Becoming more aware of what you chuck out and implementing a few simple actions…
Sign at a Save the Planet protest

4 Easy Ways to Help Save The Environment

October 1, 2020 By Bokashi Bran

Every day we hear more and more about how important it is that we start taking care of our environment if we want our planet to enjoy a sustainable future.…
Keeping pests out of compost

Keeping Pests Out of Composting

September 18, 2020 By Bokashi Bran

In an effort to go green, cultivating your compost heap is not without its challenges, especially one that contains organic food waste. Such compost heaps are tantamount to opening up…
Woman and man in black and white striped aprons in commercial restaurant kitchen

10 Ways The Hotel Industry Can Reduce Their Environmental Impact

September 7, 2020 By Bokashi Bran

Reducing environmental impact has become imperative for all individuals, households and companies. There are many steps that hotels can take to increase their eco-friendliness. Bokashi Bran® outlines 10 of the…
Man in commercial restaurant kitchen wearing white dress shirt

Cost-Effective Commercial Kitchen Recycling

August 24, 2020 By Bokashi Bran

In today’s world, environmental issues are becoming ever more important to consumers, to the point that they are indicating that they prefer to support restaurants, hotels and those in the…
Lady working in her indigenous garden using Bokashi Bran®

Indigenous Gardening for Greener Fingers

August 17, 2020 By Bokashi Bran

South Africa is considered a dry country, with an average rainfall of less than 500mm per annum. When every drop counts, responsible water usage should thus be a fundamental element…