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Keeping pests out of compost

In an effort to go green, cultivating your compost heap is not without its challenges, especially one that contains organic food waste. Such compost heaps are tantamount to opening up a natural restaurant in that they tend to attract not only pests like flies but also unwelcome visitors such as monkeys, rats and mice, which in turn attract more snakes to your garden than usual. Bokashi Bran® is sharing what you can do to make composting less frustrating.

How Does Bokashi Bran® Keep Pests Out of Your Compost?

Implementing the Bokashi Bran® food waste recycling system in your kitchen is a genuine solution to discouraging pests from interfering with your compost pile. Not only does the bokashi composting process allow you to compost all of your food waste, including meat, dairy, and cooked foods, but all this can be done without the worry of attracting nasties.

The bokashi process essentially pickles your food waste using a uniquely formulated bacteria blend. When these bacteria come into contact with your food scraps in a sealed and airtight environment, such as the bokashi digester bin, your food waste is broken down and converted into an environmentally friendly pre-compost mixture, ready for pest-free composting. The food waste doesn’t change its physical properties while in the bin but gets pickled instead. The decomposition process only occurs when the food waste is mixed with garden waste in a compost pile.

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Why Switch to Bokashi Bran® Compost?

Traditional composting relies on garden waste and fresh fruit and veggie scraps decomposing over time, which can take around a year to transform into useable compost and which is what gives the local wildlife and pests plenty of time to identify and use your compost heap as a regular food source.
The sweet-smelling Bokashi Bran® compost, which can be safely buried without attracting any flies and other pests, is ready to nourish your garden after spending just 7 to 10 weeks in your compost heap.

Start Recycling Your Food Waste Today with the Help of Bokashi Bran®

Visit our website or contact us to find out more about how you can start a kitchen food waste recycling to compost program today and get back to enjoying gardening in peace.

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