Bokashi Bran

Food Waste Entrepreneur mixing compost

funded by Huhtamaki through WasteAid Circular Economy Network Programme, with sponsorship of entrepreneur training by Marriott International

Gauteng – 23 June 2023 — Bokashi Bran, a leading organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable food waste management practices, is thrilled to announce the commencement of its first Bokashi Bran Food Waste Entrepreneur Training programme. The initiative aims to empower individuals to tackle food waste challenges and build thriving businesses in the process. The programme’s inaugural cohort consists of four talented entrepreneurs: Simphiwe Zakwe, Joseph Ramogale, Lorraine Mabeba, and Prinessa Moodley who were selected from a pool of applicants.

The Bokashi Bran Food Waste Entrepreneur Training programme is a significant milestone in the organisation’s mission to revolutionise food waste management practices in South Africa. This pioneering endeavour was made possible by Bokashi Bran’s victory in the WasteAid Zero Waste Cities Challenge for South Africa. With generous support from Marriott International’s enterprise development funding, Bokashi Bran has been able to offer ten coveted training slots to promising entrepreneurs.

“We are incredibly proud to kick off the Bokashi Bran Food Waste Entrepreneur Training programme and welcome Simphiwe, Joseph, Lorraine, and Prinessa as the first members of our inaugural cohort,” said Bronwyn Jones, Director at Bokashi Bran. “Their passion, commitment, and innovative ideas make them ideal candidates to pioneer change in food waste management and establish successful enterprises in this sector.”

The comprehensive training programme will equip participants with essential skills and knowledge necessary for transforming food waste into valuable resources through the utilisation of the Bokashi Bran method. The curriculum covers various aspects of food waste management, including composting techniques, transporting food waste, business development strategies, marketing, and financial management.

“We believe that by providing entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and expertise, we can create a ripple effect of positive change in food waste management, so desperately needed to address thirteen out of the seventeen UN Global Sustainable Development Goals,” added Jones. “Through the Bokashi Bran Food Waste Entrepreneur Training programme, we aim to empower these individuals to become catalysts for sustainable development in their communities.”

Marriott International, has generously sponsored ten entrepreneurs to receive free course training. Their commitment to fostering innovation and supporting initiatives that contribute to food waste reduction aligns perfectly with Bokashi Bran’s mission.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Bokashi Bran in launching this ground-breaking training programme,” said Martinette Fortuin, Transformation Manager at Marriott International. “As a company committed to environmental stewardship, we recognise the importance of addressing food waste challenges and nurturing the growth of sustainable solutions. We are confident that these entrepreneurs will play a pivotal role in creating a more sustainable future.”

The Bokashi Bran Food Waste Entrepreneur Training programme is poised to make a significant impact by not only reducing food waste but also creating opportunities for entrepreneurship and job creation. By empowering individuals with the knowledge and resources to implement sustainable practices, Bokashi Bran strives to create a lasting legacy of environmental conservation and economic growth.

From left to right: Simphiwe Zakwe, Joseph Ramogale, Lorraine Mabeba, Bronwyn Jones and Prinessa Moodley