Bokashi Bran’s food waste management for restaurants will save costs by reducing the volume of food waste.

Divert 100% of food waste from landfills while saving on food costs.

Bokashi Bran®’s food waste management system has been used in home kitchens for several years and is also approved by the Johannesburg Environmental Health Department for use in restaurant kitchens. There are now four different food waste management systems to suit kitchens of various sizes.

Food waste is costing your business between R15 and R20 000 per tonne. Wouldn’t you like to reduce this cost? Let us show you how. Fill in the form and we will help.

Bokashi Bran commercial kitchen food waste solution

A system that is scalable based on your restaurant’s volumes. Clean, simple and good for the planet.

Approved by: Johannesburg Environmental Health Department

Most restaurants don’t even know how much food they are throwing away each month. With our system, we can establish accurate food waste volumes and help restaurants identify where they can save money. The cost of the disposal of food waste is very low in comparison with the cost of wasting food.

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