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Are you a food waste entrepreneur looking to grow your business? Join our network of like-minded individuals and take advantage of the growing demand for food waste solutions.


With poor service delivery in many municipalities, legislative pressure to ban organics from landfill, and a limited amount of landfill airspace available, the need for effective food waste management is more pressing than ever. Additionally, growing environmental concerns and the ever-increasing demand for food create a unique opportunity for food waste entrepreneurs to make a real difference.


Our solution is simple yet effective. We offer training in the Bokashi Bran system, which is designed to stop food waste from rotting and enable fewer collections. By creating a network of collectors and composters, we help entrepreneurs handle food waste within their communities and complete the circular economy by creating off-take markets for produce and compost.


Bokashi is an ideal solution for food waste entrepreneurs as it makes composting cooked food, meat products, and dairy safe, enriches soil for growing food, and ticks 13 out of 17 UN Sustainability Goals. With our comprehensive training and support, you can become a successful food waste entrepreneur and make a positive impact on your community and the environment.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow your business and make a real difference. Join our network of food waste entrepreneurs today.

3-day training programme: R4900


Join the network of food waste entrepreneurs.

Opportunity to grow your own business presented through:

  • Poor service delivery in many municipalities
  • Legislative pressure to ban organics from landfill
  • Running out of landfill airspace
  • Environmental concerns
  • Food demand
  • Need for service providers in remote locations


Our Solution – Food waste entrepreneurs

  • We offer training to entrepreneurs in the Bokashi Bran system
  • Set up a network of collectors and composters to handle food waste within their communities
  • Complete the circular economy by creating off-take markets for produce and compost



Why Bokashi?

  • Bokashi stops food waste from rotting
  • Enables fewer collections – once a month collection (cost saving)
  • Makes composting cooked food, meat products, and dairy safe
  • Enriches the soil for growing food
  • Ticks 13 out of 17 UN Sustainability Goals.
Food waste entrepreneur turning compost
UN Sustainable Development Goals
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"I am very grateful for the experience of training with Bronwyn on the Bokashi Bran technology. It has been an enriching and enlightening experience. Bronwyn is an amazing facilitator & has empowered us with the knowledge and skills required.
With the knowledge that I have acquired I aim to make a difference on the Environmental health of our beautiful world and create more awareness for all around.

Thank you Marriott International for this great opportunity!"


"I feel extremely honoured to have learned all the skills and will make sure that the skill and learnings is used optimally in my business and create more employment from it."

Joseph Ramogale

Mr Bin Cleaner and Waste Management

"The program is a game-changer and being afforded an opportunity to be amongst the participants was truly a privilege. My perspective regarding food waste has been transformed from seeing food waste as insignificant to now seeing an opportunity to not only conserve the environment but to also improve my life and the lives of those around me. I have gained a much deeper understanding of food waste and the opportunities it presents. Through Bokashi Bran, I am able to offer a sustainable solution for food waste which improves soil health and the wellbeing of both humans and the planet."

Lorraine Mabeba

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Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience on bio-composting and biogas. This
has been a great experience and for that, I sincerely appreciate the time you spent with us.
My brother and I have already started with bio-composting, following the Shongololo method of composting
and we can’t wait to see the results after 8 weeks, all because of you. We aim to produce at least 4 tonnes
of bio-compost per month for commercial purposes.
With that in mind, be ready to be bothered with calls and emails as we will occasionally be seeking advice
from you.
Once again, thank you so much for the training and for providing us with the Bokashi Starter Kit and Manual.
I will forever appreciate the knowledge you instilled in us.

Thabang Mabinane

Mabinane Poultry Farmers (Pty) Ltd

Environmental Stewardship

Food waste is one of the largest contributing factors to global warming. Are you ready to be part of the solution?

Reduce Food Waste

Separating food waste highlights areas of unnecessary wastage, leading to cost savings.


Zero Food Waste To Landfill

Organic waste going to landfill represents 40% of all waste streams. This has major environmental consequencs.


Reduce Waste Collection Costs

Following the Bokashi Bran system can allow food waste to be collected once a month from households - major cost saving.