Bokashi Bran


Why is food waste management important?

Environment – methane gas
Legislation – ban of food waste to landfill
Social – job creation and food security
Economic – reduce waste collection costs

What do you need?

Counter container to collect scraps
Bokashi bucket (straining tray and tap included)
Measuring scoop
Bokashi Bran 

R350 once off

Monthly bokashi requirement – 1kg bokashi –R75
Extra bucket- R200
or less, depending on the amount of food waste
if you generate more than a bucket of food waste per month

How the system works


Food waste is collected in the counter
container in the kitchen
Each day, it is emptied into the black bucket
2 scoops of bokashi are added to each layer.
Tap off the liquid for your garden
Once a month, the truck will empty the
food waste and leave the bucket
Residents must wash their buckets before
starting again
Receive a free bag of compost every 3

Stolen Buckets

Unfortunately, food waste bucket theft is a concern in South Africa. Effective communication with residents is crucial to address this issue. It’s important to educate participants about not leaving their buckets near regular waste bins or recycling areas. Instead, we encourage residents to place their buckets closer to their front doors, making it easier for collectors to retrieve and return them empty.


To deter theft and enhance bucket identification, we’ve developed special tags that can be attached to the buckets. These tags serve as visible markers, making the buckets less appealing to potential thieves. By using these tags, we aim to reduce theft and improve the security and efficiency of our waste collection process.


Maintaining open communication, following bucket placement guidelines, and using identification tags can greatly help protect the buckets and ensure a smooth waste collection system. Together, we can minimise theft risks and promote active participation in food waste management initiatives.

What if the bucket is not left out on collection day?


In the event that a household forgets to place their food waste bucket out on collection day, we’ve implemented a proactive solution. We use a reminder system to ensure a smooth collection process. The day before the scheduled pickup, we send a WhatsApp reminder to participating households. On the morning of collection, a second reminder is sent.


If we arrive at a house without a bucket out for collection, we take a friendly approach. We leave a door tag on their front door to notify them of our visit. This tag serves as a polite reminder, encouraging the household to remember to leave the bucket out in the future.


Through proactive communication using reminders and door tags, our goal is to maintain a reliable and efficient waste collection service. We aim to foster cooperation and participation from all households, ensuring a seamless experience in managing food waste and contributing to a sustainable environment.

Bokashi Bran logo

"I think Bokashi Bran is the answer to most of our environmental problems. More so-called "waste" goes into the garden in the form of food waste and less into landfills. This has got to reduce the stench of landfills and the pressure on our oceans with contaminated plastic. Win, win ,win. The minimal extra effort of using the bokashi bucket is worth it because it helps support our beleaguered planet!"

Denise Kerr

Bokashi Bran logo

"Our family LOVE to Bokashi! We feel good about giving back some precious nutrients instead of adding to the landfill problem.

We save on plastic bag usage because we don't have to empty the rubbish as often as we used to.

We have enjoyed the learning process that has led us to be more conscious and aware of our food and waste."

Juli Louwrens

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"I firmly believe in Bokashi Bran!

I use it for my food recycling and my pet waste. I always spread the word and will continue to do so!"

Megan Van Der Berg

Bokashi Bran logo

"It is so amazing that there are no bad smells from the bucket. The bonus is the Bokashi tea - the plants love it! It's such a versatile product.

Normally we would freeze all our food waste to throw away weekly, so now we save space in the freezer"

Sheleika Singh

Bokashi Bran logo

"I am so grateful for the regeneration of the soil in my urban garden. Thank you so much Bokashi Bran!"

Chene Swart

Bokashi Bran logo

"When I moved into a house, I really did not want to waste my leftovers. It seemed to me such a waste of nutrients. The main problem was meat products, which I felt I was throwing away so much. Bokashi Bran is phenomenal because everything goes into the bucket and then becomes organic fertiliser!"

Shahil Juggernath