Bokashi Bran

Bokashi Bran

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  • Get everything you need to start composting with our Bokashi Bran® Super-charged Starter Kit! It includes 2 high-quality 25 litre buckets with straining trays and taps, a counter container for collecting food scraps, 2 x 1kg Bokashi Bran®, and a measuring scoop. Our product is backed by a money-back guarantee (T&C apply), ensuring you get the best quality and value for your money. Start composting today and reduce your environmental impact!

  • Get started with bokashi composting using the Bokashi Bran® Starter Kit. The kit includes two high-quality 25-liter buckets with straining trays and taps, allowing you to start the fermentation process while the other bucket is in use. Each kit also comes with two 1kg boxes of authentic Bokashi Bran®, made with locally sourced South African microbes and original EM® technology from Japan. The included measuring scoop makes it easy to sprinkle the Bokashi Bran® over every layer of food waste. Enjoy peace of mind with a 12-month warranty on the bucket, tap, and straining tray. Get started on your sustainable gardening journey with the Bokashi Bran® Starter Kit today.

  • The Bokashi Bran Bachelor Kit is the perfect starter kit for those interested in implementing the bokashi system at home. This kit includes a 25 litre bucket with a straining tray and tap, a counter container to collect food waste, 1 kg of Bokashi, and a measuring scoop (100ml). It has everything you need to get started with bokashi composting.