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Revolutionise Your Commercial Kitchen Waste Management

At Bokashi Bran, we specialise in separated-at-source food waste collections from commercial kitchens, recognising the critical importance of diverting this waste stream away from traditional landfills. Our mission is to provide sustainable waste management solutions that not only adhere to city bylaws but also contribute to a healthier environment.

Why Separate Food Waste?

City bylaws mandate that any organisation generating waste must manage it responsibly to avoid harm to the environment and public health. Mixing food waste with general waste can have dire consequences, as it typically results in landfill disposal, leading to the release of harmful methane gas and leachate. By 2027, organic waste will be prohibited in landfills. (National Waste Minimisation Strategy)


For organisations serving food to the public, it’s a legal requirement to utilise a “daily” or “putrescible” waste collection service from an accredited provider. Pikitup, operating within the Johannesburg region, offers this service at a rate of R3,579 per tonne.

Bokashi Bran’s Expertise

With seven years of experience, Bokashi Bran has been at the forefront of collecting food waste from commercial kitchens and delivering it to multiple commercial composting facilities. Our dedicated collection team carefully weighs and records food waste, allowing us to calculate the significant carbon footprint reduction achieved through composting.

Instead of collecting drums and swapping them out, we empty your drums directly on-site. This guarantees that you never receive someone else’s old, potentially odorous drums. Your drums can then be cleaned and kept hygienic directly on your site.

Contamination in the form of plastic, tin, glass, cloth, and non-food waste items is a major concern at compost sites. To mitigate this risk, we’ve implemented a contamination penalty for negligent food waste separation. Our Bokashi Bran system is meticulously designed to establish standard operating procedures, allocating responsibility and accountability to key kitchen personnel.

Inside our drums, you’ll find clear markings indicating the correct dosing of Bokashi. Just 8 kilograms of our Bokashi can effectively treat 1 tonne of food waste, all at an affordable cost of less than R400 per tonne.

Choose Sustainability, Choose Bokashi Bran

Make a positive impact on your commercial kitchen waste management today. Join Bokashi Bran in our commitment to a greener, cleaner future. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help your organisation reduce its environmental footprint while complying with local regulations.

Together, we can turn waste into a resource and protect our planet for future generations.

Sample of the collection slip: We have marked the collection slips 1/19 for easy reference to the number of drums collected. It is not unusual for a large site to do 35 or 40 drums on a collection.

Hotel has been using the Bokashi system for +- 4 years and its worked for us as we also doing our part to reduce wet waste to landfill. It also teaches others in the hotel to be more mindful of their waste.

Angelique (Head Chef at Southern Sun Rosebank)

Southern Sun Rosebank

The Bokashi system has significantly improved our kitchen operations. We appreciate the exceptional service provided by Bokashi Bran, and our gratitude extends to your collection team for their consistent professionalism and courtesy.

Werner (Owner at The Fussy Vegan)

The Fussy Vegan

The Bokashi waste separation is perfect especially for the hotel industry and high production kitchens. With proper training and monitoring the Bokashi system is best because chefs can control food wastages when cooking, waiters know how to separate food waste and cleaners also appreciate the fact that they don't have to separate waste from bins as the system allows separation to be done on point of production. 

Agnes (Kitchen Manager at Sandton Sun)

Sandton Sun