50-litre food waste drum


50- litre food waste drum for commercial kitchens.

Sprinkle 300ml of authentic Bokashi Bran over every 7cm layer of food waste.

Authentic Bokashi Bran allows composting of cooked food, proteins and dairy.

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In a commercial kitchen, the secret to separating food waste at the source is to have a dedicated drum for food waste. These 50-litre drums make training quick and simple. These drums seal tightly so the Bokashi Bran can do its trick. When full, these drums will weigh about 40kgs. Do not use larger drums in a commercial kitchen. Ensure the food waste drums are not contaminated with plastic, tin or glass.


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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 60 × 44 × 44 cm


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  • Bulk Bokashi Bran® is the perfect solution for commercial kitchens and waste management companies who want to reduce their organic waste and contribute to a more sustainable environment. By using Bokashi Bran® to compost your food waste, you not only divert waste from landfills but also produce a nutrient-rich soil amendment for your garden.

    When you buy in bulk, you save money. Our discounted pricing makes it easy and affordable for you to order in bulk.

    To get your bulk order started, contact Bronwyn directly at bron@bokashibran.co.za. Please note that prices exclude delivery.

    Bokashi Bran® is a registered trademark, meaning that our product uses the original EM® technology from Japan. Our microbes are all local South African microbes, and we use Japanese technology under license to ensure the highest quality product possible. Our bokashi is manufactured under strict temperature and time conditions because we believe that perfection cannot be rushed. As the only commercial bokashi manufacturers authorised by EMRO Japan, we take pride in offering an authentic and superior product.

    In a restaurant kitchen, it’s essential to properly layer food waste with Bokashi Bran®. For every 7cm of food waste, apply 3 scoops of bokashi. If food waste is not treated sufficiently, it will rot and smell, attracting flies. Remember to keep the drums sealed at all times when not in use, and ensure that the drums are not contaminated with plastic, tin, or glass.

    Order your bulk Bokashi Bran® today and start reducing your waste while contributing to a more sustainable future.



Looking for the highest quality bokashi produced in South Africa? Look no further than Bokashi Bran®! Our bokashi is made using the original EM® technology from EMRO®, Japan. All microbes are indigenous to SA; not flown in from Japan.

Established in April 2012, our company was founded with the mission of keeping food waste out of landfills and producing the highest quality bokashi possible. That’s why we’re proud to say that Bokashi Bran® is the only commercially produced bokashi in South Africa that has an authentic certification from Japan.

When you choose Bokashi Bran®, you can trust that you’re getting the best product available. So be sure to look for our authentication branding and choose Bokashi Bran® for all your bokashi needs!

EM certified product

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