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Looking for a high-quality bokashi that’s manufactured under strict quality control? Look no further than our 3kg bags of Bokashi Bran®. Made from a blend of bran, purified water, molasses, and EM® (effective microorganisms), our bokashi is a registered trademark that signifies authenticity and quality.

Our bokashi is made using the original EM® technology from Japan, with all local South African microbes. We use Japanese technology under license, and our bokashi is manufactured under strict temperature and time conditions. This ensures that each batch is of the highest quality, with no compromises made when it comes to the health and wellbeing of your plants. Ensure you get good fermentation of food waste with no rotting-smell odours.


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Introducing our 3kg bags of authentic Bokashi Bran®, made with the highest quality ingredients, including bran, purified water, molasses, and EM®.

While the 6 x 1kg box is more economical due to shipping costs, the 3kg bags are a great option for those who need a larger supply of bokashi than just 1kg but not as much as 6kgs. And with our registered trademark, you can trust that you’re getting the genuine product made with original EM® technology from Japan.

The 6 x 1kg bokashi box is more economical because of the shipping costs involved. When you purchase the 6 x 1kg box, you’ll receive the same high-quality bokashi as you would with the 3kg bags, but at a more affordable price. Plus, because bokashi gets better with age, there’s no shelf life to expire. So you can buy in bulk with confidence, knowing that your bokashi will only get better over time.

When you choose our bokashi, you’re choosing a product that’s been manufactured with care and attention to detail. We’re the only commercial bokashi manufacturers authorized by EMRO Japan – the original developers of bokashi – so you can trust that you’re getting the real deal. So why wait? Order your 3kg bags of Bokashi Bran® today and experience the difference for yourself!

We take pride in our manufacturing process, using local South African microbes and strict temperature and time conditions to ensure the highest quality. As the only commercial bokashi manufacturer authorized by EMRO Japan, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best. Order now and experience the difference for yourself.


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Weight 3 kg
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Looking for the highest quality bokashi produced in South Africa? Look no further than Bokashi Bran®! Our bokashi is made using the original EM® technology from EMRO®, Japan. All microbes are indigenous to SA; not flown in from Japan.

Established in April 2012, our company was founded with the mission of keeping food waste out of landfills and producing the highest quality bokashi possible. That’s why we’re proud to say that Bokashi Bran® is the only commercially produced bokashi in South Africa that has an authentic certification from Japan.

When you choose Bokashi Bran®, you can trust that you’re getting the best product available. So be sure to look for our authentication branding and choose Bokashi Bran® for all your bokashi needs!

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