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Bokashi Bran Food Waste Entrepreneur Training Programme

June 23, 2023 By Bronwyn

funded by Huhtamaki through WasteAid Circular Economy Network Programme, with sponsorship of entrepreneur training by Marriott International Gauteng – 23 June 2023 — Bokashi Bran, a leading organisation dedicated to…
Food waste and other rubbish at landfill

Why Sending Food Waste to Landfill is a Bad Thing

July 10, 2020 By Bokashi Bran

Food waste going to landfill is the 3rd largest contributing factor to global warming. Learn how you can make a difference...
Composting; black gold

Composting: Nature’s Black Gold

June 12, 2020 By Bokashi Bran

At Bokashi Bran, we are concerned that 90% of organic waste waste from our gardens and kitchens in SA end up on the rubbish dump encased in plastic. It takes…
an outdoor composition of old, dried out fruit before using bokashi

Dealing with Food Waste in Your Kitchen

June 4, 2020 By Bokashi Bran

At Bokashi Bran, we know it’s no secret that our households generate a great deal of general organic food waste when we prepare and consume daily meals. Think vegetable scraps,…
Cost of wasting food

Southern Sun Rosebank – A Green Hotel

June 23, 2018 By Bronwyn

Food Waste in Hospitality Food waste has always been a problem in the hospitality industry. Food waste is disposed of with general waste, contaminating recyclables and increasing the volume of…