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Old School Composting vs Bokashi Composting

a pile of earth with some old apples before using bokashi

We at Bokashi Bran agree with Melanie Verwoerd (a former ANC MP and South African Ambassador to Ireland) and her news24 article, in which she stated that “What this epidemic has highlighted is that the manner in which one third of our planet (yes, that is us in the suburbs) live is unsustainable. If we do not change our lifestyles, we will repeatedly arrive at some similar crisis point, until we pass the point of no return.”

She also went on to highlight the fact that “We have, for example, known for a very long time that the way we live will cause dramatic climate change that will have catastrophic implications for us as humans. If we don’t change dramatically how we eat, how we drive, what and how much we buy, how we generate and use energy and what we dispose of, we will face a much bigger crisis than the one we are experiencing now.”

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FACT: Composting saves 98% GHG!

The simple act of separating food waste at source and recycling it through sustainable composting, will save 98% in Greenhouse Gas Emissions caused by rotting organics at landfill.

The old-school composting ‘guidelines’ instructing composters to avoid adding meat products, dairy and cooked food to their compost heaps has become a thing of the past thanks to Japanese technology. Bokashi, a product developed in Japan and available in 130 countries worldwide, has revolutionised the way in which people can now compost whereby all food waste can be safely composted holistically which includes eliminating unpleasant smells and discouraging disease spreading vermin.

The process is as simple as separating all food scraps at source, treating the waste with bokashi and then combining the Bokashi fermented result with garden waste to produce a nutrient rich organic compost which adds beneficial microbes into the soil. Healthy compost makes for healthier and happier gardens too.

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