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5 Ways to Use Bokashi Bran in Your Garden

We at Bokashi Bran realise that garden is one of the ideal places to be more environmentally aware and uses natural solutions to everyday maintenance and needs.

As a natural bran-based compost supplier, Bokashi Bran provides a significant number of solutions for your home, kitchen, and garden – keep reading the blog as we explore them.

How Can Bokashi Bran Help Your Garden?

Here are 5 tips for using Bokashi Bran in your garden and how it can significantly help you to sustainably look after your outside space.

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Bokashi Bran Tip #1: Create Your Own Compost Pile

If your garden size allows for it, then you can create a traditional compost pile using Bokashi food waste, which you can combine with grass cuttings, leaves, twigs, and old plants. When combining your food waste with your prepared compost heap, the food waste will decompose along with it and therefore provide an organic and nutritious compost solution for all your garden needs.

Bokashi Bran Tip #2: Provide Food for Your Earthworms

Having earthworms in your soil is vital for a healthy garden, as they serve to eliminate bad bacteria and help to promote healthier ingredients in your soil. When earthworms ingest organic waste, it promotes nutrients which means healthier soil and plants for your garden. They work to better fertilize the soil, too.

Earthworms also significantly reduce composting time by working quickly and efficiently to break down food waste.

When using Bokashi Bran to feed your earthworms, remember:

  • To ferment food waste for 2 weeks before,
  • Introduce gradually, &
  • Consider around 4 to 6 weeks to introduce Bokashi and fully convert.

Earthworms will eat all the Bokashi food waste, making it the perfect solution.

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Bokashi Bran Tip #3: Make a Compost Bin

If you have a smaller garden, you may need to make a manageable compost bin instead of a large, traditional compost pile. You can still do so easily using Bokashi Bran. This is also a great solution if you have pets who like to burrow or disrupt your soil and piles. A black dustbin or traditional compost bin can be used for this.

Add your food waste to the bin with soil and garden waste, and this will attract Black Soldier Fly Larvae to break it down and take care of the rest.

Bokashi Bran Tip #4: Improve the Quality of Your Plants

Using Bokashi Bran is all about providing natural nutrients. You can, therefore, improve the structure of your soil and provide a better bedding ground for your plants and flowers. Your soil will be packed with essential nutrients, and also have a better water-holding capacity to help your plants grow as they should.

Bokashi Bran Tip #5: Great for Trenching and Treating Your Soil

If you are looking to treat a more substantial garden on a bigger scale, then trenching is a great way to do so. This will treat your soil and attend to the earthworms, too. Bokashi Bran can be used to nourish your soil through trench treatment, where you dig a spade-deep trench around a meter long and completely submerge the contents of your compost bucket within it.
Within 7 to 10 weeks, your soil will be thoroughly nourished!

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