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Responsible Food Waste Management for Commercial Kitchens

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The Zero Waste movement is growing in popularity and more commercial kitchens are committing to responsible food waste management. They are discovering, too, how eco-friendly waste management solutions, in turn, contribute to significant waste disposal cost savings. Not to mention that not too far in the future, food waste disposal at the landfill is set to become a strictly regulated practice in South Africa, so it’s wise to get ahead of the game.

If your commercial kitchen hasn’t yet implemented an environmentally responsible food waste management system because it may seem overwhelming to get started, at Bokashi Bran® we can assure you that it’s really not difficult to do.

Bokashi Bran® Food Waste Management System in a Commercial Setting

The key success factor in implementing the bokashi food waste management system in your commercial kitchen simply comes down to commitment. As an owner or manager of an establishment, your primary goal would be to ensure food waste separation at source.

The food waste would then be processed through a macerating machine where it is ground up and dewatered into fine particles, reducing the food waste volume by up to 80% and food waste weight by 60%. The shredded waste would then be stored in airtight containers that are treated with Bokashi Bran to stop food waste from rotting, causing unpleasant odours and attracting flies and other unwanted pests.

As part of the Bokashi Bran® system, your kitchen staff and waitrons would receive training on how to separate wet and dry waste into specially labelled 50-litre drums and black kitchen bins, respectively. Our team would also demonstrate the use of the macerating machine.

The macerating machine is able to process 700kgs of food waste per hour, has built-in safety features to protect staff members, is energy and water efficient and performs a self-clean cycle without the need for disassembly.
Bokashi Bran® also offers a food waste collection service in Gauteng as part of your preferred kitchen food waste management program.

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Commercial Kitchen Composting

Does your commercial kitchen own a garden for growing fresh herbs and vegetables? An added bonus of the Bokashi Bran® food waste management system is that it can also aid your garden staff in successfully recycling your food waste into nutrient-dense organic compost in as little as 7 to 10 weeks. Bokashi compost will ensure that your fresh produce is healthier, more pest resistant and tastier than ever before.

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Reduce Food Waste By Contacting Bokashi Bran® Today

Visit our website or contact us to find out more about how you can start your commercial kitchen food waste management program today and successfully and responsibly reduce both your carbon footprint and food waste disposal costs.

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